Red Bud Fights Hard, but Finishes the Candy Cane with a Loss to Columbia

Hannah Sievers, Staff Writer

On December 21, Red Bud played their final game of the Candy Cane Tournament against Columbia. The girls scored ten points in the first quarter. Chloe Wild, Sami Lucht, Claire Grohmann, and Olivia Carle each made a two-point shot a piece. Carle also made both of her free throws. Columbia added thirteen points of their own to the board, making the first quarter close with Columbia in the lead. 


In the second quarter, Red Bud put up another eleven points with Grohmann, Carle, and Megan Stellhorn all shooting a two-pointer. Wild added four points consisting of two-point shots and Grohmann also made a free throw. Unfortunately for the Musketeers, Columbia was able to increase their score by twenty-four points. The score was twenty-one to thirty-seven going into halftime, with the Eagles pulling well into the lead. 


Straight out of halftime, Red Bud was able to score nine points. Stellhorn hit a three, Hannah Sievers made three free throws, and Carle made a two-point shot and a free throw. The Musketeers were able to hold Columbia to eight points, which made the score forty-five (Columbia) to thirty. 


In the final quarter, Red Bud added another nine points to their score. Sam Kolweier, Meredith Whelan, and Lucht all put in a two-pointer. Whelan also made three free throws. Columbia scored nine points also, which made the final score thirty-nine to fifty-four with Columbia on top.