FFA Attends State Convention


Adrienne Vallett, FFA Staff Writer

The 2019 FFA State Convention was the 10th to the 13th of June.  During this time we attended many sessions and general sessions. We learned many skills and got to know other FFA members we had never met before.

The first day we met our representatives of each chapter and the representatives of the Illinois’ FFA. We got to see Springfield, look at the shops and get settled in our rooms. The next day we set out early in the morning to the general session, where we all sat in a big auditorium with all the other FFA’s from different towns and cities. We at least sat through one to two sessions, each day that lasted forty five minutes to an hour. Each session taught you how to be a good leader and look at others perspective in different situations. Then, we got to go to closing general session. On the 11th there was a concert for part of our closing general session with extremely talented kids our age.

Once the session got out you had time to look at career you had a chance to look at careers along the lines of agriculture and colleges. They had stands from candle making to big machinery from Caterpillar. Some stations gave prizes for answer questions right about agriculture or their own countries. Many taught you what a day on the job would be like. A veterinarian had a replica cow that showed you what it was like when a cow is pregnant and other stations had videos and pictures. Colleges that came were SIUC, SIUE, and Illinois State College along with a few others. On the 12th, we closed with a general session . Many people were recognized and many were awarded. We had five boys get their state degrees: Jeff Kern, Dyan Falkinhein, Matthew Wiegard, Nathan Thies and Logan Cowell. 

Later on that evening, we got to eat at D’arcy’s Pint and attend a dance. The food was great and we got to meet new people, find common interests, and dance. They played a wide variety of music and after three hours everyone was tired and ready to head back to the hotel. 

Our last day was one final general session. We got to see who our new officers were for the FFA of Illinois.  Final recognitions were shown and final awards were given and then we headed home. 

Overall State Convention was an extremely fun experience and I can’t wait to go in the Summer of 2020. It taught us so many skills that we can use in everyday life. 


Adrienne Vallett , 2019-2020 Student Advisor