Motivational Speaker Cara Filler Encourages Smart Choices


Caitlin Dehne, Staff Writer

On Monday, November 4, RBHS welcomed speaker Cara Filler.  Cara talked about the influences of peer pressure, the dangers of impaired driving, and the steps we can all take to prevent these things from happening.

Cara started by telling a story about her sister, Mairin.  Cara and Mairin are twins, and they imagined doing everything together.  They would switch clothes and pretend to be each other or work at the same store and freak people out.  They had plans of growing old together, wearing the same outfits and owning 100 cats. But they will never have the opportunity because Mairin died in a car wreck that involved speeding.

Cara says that we can prevent this from happening in our lives.  We have options, and what we choose to say and do can save lives.  Ultimately, Cara shared four points in which she outlines how we can stay safe.

1) Do not put ourselves at risk in the first place. Find another way to wherever you are going. Walk, Ride bike, call parents, crawl etc.

2) Speak up for ourselves in cars- no one is a mind reader. (Or hide the keys from people who may be drinking. The toilet tank is a great place to hide keys…)

3) Fib to keep yourself safe (her favorite fibs are the three Ps:  Pee, Puke and Period)

4) Call your parents when you need a ride

Cara’s final words of advice included this: “Remember it’s not about finding a fight you can win- It’s about finding a fight worth fighting for.”