RBHS FFA Hosts Futures Camp


Kaleb Barriger, FFA Staff Writer

The FFA camp was hosted by the Red Bud FFA Chapter to get kids who are still in grade school active and involved with the Agriculture program. It was a good time for the kids to see if they like the agriculture program at Red Bud by doing some hands on activities. This camp was led by members of the Red Bud FFA chapter and they all helped the kids complete the tasks at hand. The kids first had to build and paint a flower box out of wood. After the paint dried, they then had to put soil in the box, along with the plants of their choice. The kids had a good time at this camp and this helped recruit future FFA members for Red Bud. This camp helps out the chapter for the future and helps kids be active with the chapter before high school.


Submitted by Kaleb Barriger, 2019-2020 Historian