Cinch Worlds Toughest Rodeo


Austin Umbdenstock and Kayden Heinemann, FFA Staff Writers

On October 31, 2019, Jake Siegfried, Vance Schmidt, Jeff Kern, Chase Strong, Austin Grohmann, Kayden Heinemann, Austin Umbdenstock, Madison Falkenhein, Kailyn Moeller, Molly Ellner, and Sarah Birchler attended a rodeo while at National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, IN. The first part of the rodeo was the horse riders. First, was the bareback riders who had to stay on the bucking horse for eight seconds. After that was the saddle riders, who had to stay on the bucking horse for eight seconds, but they had a saddle to sit on. Next some trick horse riders came out to perform. It was a husband and a wife who did some pretty interesting stunts. They were jumping off the horse while it was running and then they would jump back on.   

Next up would be the bull riding and this is where most of the action is. A rider has to stay on the bull for eight seconds and hold on with only one hand. The rider is graded on how he rides, but also how the bull performs. The points are added together to make the final score for the rider. The bull ride is kind of the “main event” as some people would say, because it draws the larger crowd. It is a very rough event and lots of people have been injured. Luckily, this rodeo wasn’t very rough, the riders all ended up fine in the end, and one rider went away with quite a bit of money. 


Submitted by: Austin Umbdenstock, 2019-2020 Chaplain

                          Kayden Heinemann, Convention Attendee