Academic Challenge

Brittney Pensoneau, student editor

The Red Bud WYSE team has had to change its title since the competition has changed hands in the last year. It is now going by the name of Academic Challenge. No matter what the title the members of the club still did fantastically.

This years team consisted of only one freshman, Hunter Kaltenbach, and three Sophomores, Valerie Hollowell, Dylan Roscow, and Owen Fahey. There are seven Juniors, Sami Lucht, Sophia Liefer, Caitlyn Dehne, Josh Birke, Zack Sutton, Ben Derouse, and Ethan Fritsche. With three seniors Alex Sievers, Brittney Pensoneau, and Emma Siegried.

The Academic Challenge team really raked in the metals this year. A total of 8 in all. Dylan placed in both of his events, a second in Math and the first place in Computer Science; and Zach got the 3rd for the Computer Science. Ben also placed in both of his events. He got 3rds in both Physics and Engineering Graphics. Josh got the 2nd place on the Physics test and we actually ended up taking home all of the awards in Engineering Graphics. Brittney received the 2nd place and Ethan won the first place. In the end with everyone’s help and teamwork, the group was able to place second in their division. The team will be going on to regionals on the 8th of March.